I partner with SMEs and large businesses, offering services in English, French, German,
both remotely and on-site, from the Brussels, Paris, and Cologne areas.


Leveraging senior expertise, advanced methods/tools and tech, I help boost
business development and empower business teams with new capabilities.


Business Services



Portfolio, Marketing, Dev, Change


I help address challenges and craft strategies +

    in five domains : activating transformative projects, designing superior customer value, attracting audiences, propelling revenue, and transforming marketing practices. I bring extensive international experience, proven methods, and digital/AI tools for challenging and reinventing any business.



Workshop, Training, Coaching


Powered by digital, enhanced by generative AI



Design, Rollout, Management


I effectively support with my senior expertise +

    transformation and marketing projects for agile execution, aimed at maximizing results while mitigating risks. My contributions draw on three decades of experience with companies like Samsung, Sony, 1&1 Internet, Agfa, Bridgestone, and tech SMEs, complemented by continuous education.


with Digital & AI

I've condensed 25 years of expertise into a robust evolutive suite of 25 frameworks and over 50 models, crafted to enhance guidance and brainstorming, transforming business development. This suite supports trainings, workshops, and coaching, and is suitable for both in-person and online sessions, with tools like Miro and ChatGPT. LEARN MORE +

    The suite helps product, marketing, and business leaders strategize, design, and innovate. I offer training, workshops, or coaching sessions, and guide to...
    Activate a transformative project. Design desirable value. Attract a core audience.  Propel revenue with effective systems.  Team up smartly with AI.

    It leads from broad overviews to specific details, fostering understanding and enabling practical application. The suite encourages fresh ideas, which can be developed in interactive, AI-enhanced brainstorming sessions. Prompt engineering techniques that I teach will maximize the impact. 🚀

    Whether used as a complete suite or through individual components, it offers flexibility to meet specific needs and contexts. Additionally, it integrates proven methods such as Design Thinking and Blue Ocean Strategy, among others.



business project

Learn How +

    Most business projects fail, especially the transformative ones (usual estim. 70%). Startup initiatives also face a high failure rate (usual estim. 90%). There are several well-known reasons for this. To address these critical issues and enhance their success, my clients utilise the Business S.C.E.N.E. Setter® suite of models powered by Miro, and challenged by GenAI like ChatGPT. With this, my clients enjoy streamlined project execution, reduced failure rates, and improved ROI through strategic alignment and proactive change management.

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desirable value

Learn How +

    Most businesses I meet find it challenging to develop value propositions that effectively meet customer expectations and stand out in a crowded market. To address these points and augment value for their end customers, my clients utilise the Value B.E.S.T. Builder® suite of models powered by Miro, and challenged by GenAI like ChatGPT. With this, my clients craft targeted, impactful branded value propositions that clearly differentiate them from competitors, fostering stronger customer loyalty and market penetration.

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core audience

Learn How +

    Most businesses I meet face difficulties in effectively reaching and engaging their core audience, resulting in inefficient use of marketing budgets and low conversion rates. To address these points and interact better with their core audience, my clients utilise the Audience A.P.P.E.A.L. Activator® suite of models powered by Miro, and challenged by GenAI like ChatGPT. With this, my clients enhance their effectiveness, achieving higher engagement and better ROI on marketing investments through refined audience targeting and messaging.

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effective systems

Learn How +

    Most businesses I meet typically experience stagnant sales and ineffective marketing-sales strategies, which hinder growth and lead to poor conversion rates and revenue generation. To address these points and augment their revenue, my clients utilise the Profit P.A.C.E. Maker® suite of models powered by Miro, and challenged by GenAI like ChatGPT. With this, my clients accelerate their revenue growth through optimised marketing-sales strategies, processes, platforms, and economic models that boost conversion rates and streamline the customer acquisition journey.

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smartly with AI

Learn How +

    Business teams often suffer from low productivity and creative limitations, compounded by challenges in integrating new technologies like AI effectively into their workflows. To enhance their team productivity, and their creativity with the assistance of AI, my clients utilise the Team S.P.I.C.E. Booster® suite of models, prompt engineering techniques, and digital/AI tools. It enables them to significantly boost team productivity and creativity by leveraging Generative AI with prompt engineering techniques, facilitating innovative solutions and efficient cross-functional collaboration.

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Frédéric Martin

As a former executive from global businesses like Samsung, Sony, or 1&1 Internet AG, I bring extensive experience in international product, brand, marketing management, business strategy, and general management. I led international teams within Germany and France, managing business lines and driving growth at a local and global scale. Transitioning to an independent consultant in 2012, +continue

    I've offered expertise to many businesses, focusing on strategy, marketing, international development, and transformation.

    As an ESCP Business School alumni I'm committed to high standards of continuous education. I hold certifications from MIT, Cambridge, Columbia, Kellogg Business School, and Vanderbilt, in digital business strategies, transformation, advanced marketing, design thinking, and collaboration with ChatGPT/LLM (prompt engineering and advanced data analysis).

    To bring even more impact, I collaborate with like-minded consultants in Europe. Together, we uphold high standards of achievement, develop innovative strategies, co-lead inspiring workshops, live sessions, or projects. The A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System™ is a culmination of my experience as an executive, consultant, coach, trainer.



Examples of Works


I've worked as product, marketing, business leader, and consultant at global companies like Samsung, Sony, 1&1 Internet AG, Thomson, Agfa HealthCare, and Bridgestone. Notably, during my tenure at Samsung Germany, I was instrumental in elevating the TV brand from 5th to 1st position within a span of three years. CONTINUE+

    As the TV business owner, I was responsible for product lines, marketing, sales, and P&L, successfully boosting annual revenue from €170 million to €500 million. My strategic program, which was instrumental in achieving these results, garnered recognition as a best practice at Samsung's headquarters in Seoul.


I've worked as an advisor and interim manager, helping grow digital startups within big companies like Agfa HealthCare or Bridgestone (digital mobility), with a focus on EU/US markets. I've also mentored new business owners since 2012, helping them expand in Europe with a focus on business strategy and marketing plans. CONTINUE+

    I have a special focus on Western Europe, with deep insights and extended networks in France, Germany, and the Benelux. I also help with the adoption of more digital/AI applied to marketing and sales operations.


I've held pivotal roles as a marketing director and business advisor, fostering the growth of European businesses across France, Germany, Europe, and the US. I've worked for SMEs and large companies like 1&1 United Internet, EVS, Ordiges, as well as for multiple startups. At 1&1 United Internet in Karlsruhe (Germany), I led marketing teams... CONTINUE+

    operating across Europe and the US. In my tenure at EVS, I spearheaded international development, concentrating on pioneering new technologies for the European and US markets.


Since 2012, I've been an independent consultant, tackling marketing and business challenges for a diverse range of organisations, from small firms to large corporations. My expertise has benefited entities such as Agfa Healthcare, Bridgestone, and consultancies like Deloitte and One Man Support, as well as European SMEs,... CONTINUE+

    startups, and public sector organizations. Additionally, I've innovated various methods and tools focused on marketing and international business development. The A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System™ represents a comprehensive compilation of all the methods I've been developing over the years.


Since 2013, I've conducted strategy workshops for small and mid-sized businesses across Europe and the Middle East, spanning a variety of industries including software, e-commerce, healthcare IT, digital mobility, industrial, mining, and the public sector. These workshops utilise the dynamic tools and methods... CONTINUE+

    of the ADAPT & FLY System™, incorporating thought-leading frameworks and interactive canvases through the Miro platform. Recently, I've integrated AI into these sessions, pushing the boundaries of ideas and enhancing the outcomes of the workshops to new levels.


Since 2020, I've served as senior associate at Management Centre Europe (MCE), the leading provider of international training and management development programs in the EMEA region. I've designed and led the Business Transfo. and Digital Strategies program. I've crafted stimulating programs for other clients... CONTINUE+


Benefit Your Business

When you look for flexible support you often need to choose between global experience and domain expertise. I can offer you both. But, as important, I can offer advanced methods and tools that can be adapted to any business. For your business adaptation and development, take advantage of my...

Broad Global Experience

Consumer Electronics ▾
    I led product management, marketing, and sales (focusing on TV & Displays, with P&L responsibility) for three industry leaders in Germany and France: Samsung, Sony, and TCL (previously known as Thomson Multimedia). 
    EU and US Markets ▾
      upcoming details

      Deep Domain Expertise

      Product/Business Lines Mgt ▾
        For twelve years, I served as a business lines leader in France and Germany, overseeing portfolios in consumer electronics and web services. These portfolios consistently generated annual revenues in the hundreds of millions of euros.
        Web and Content Design ▾
          With over a decade of experience, I am a web and content design expert. Every piece of content showcased here is a product of my creative vision and expertise. Additionally, I have crafted websites, landing pages, articles, and books for a diverse clientele. My proficiency extends to a detailed mastery of various tools, including WordPress, Click Funnels, Canva, and more.
          Program Management ▾
            upcoming details

            Proven Tools and Methods

            ADAPT & FLY System ™ (proprietary) ▾
              The ADAPT & FLY System™ is a methodology encompassing a comprehensive suite of tools designed to facilitate business adaptation and growth in the rapidly evolving digital and AI landscape. This system integrates a variety of elements, including dynamic frameworks, interactive canvases, advanced digital platforms, and AI tools. Central to this methodology is the ADAPT acronym, representing a five-phase process: Activate, Design, Attract, Propel, Teamup. This versatile system is tailored to enhance the effectiveness of workshops, training sessions, and sprint designs, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to navigate and thrive in an era of constant change.
              Broad Digital Toolbox (since 2008) ▾
                I've used and implemented lots of tools in these categories: Strategy Design, Agile Project Management, CRM, Customer HelpDesk, Web and Content Design, SEO, Marketing Campaigns, Marketing Automation, Automated Funnels, Social Media Interactions, Ecommerce, Analytics, Testing, Business Intelligence, Generative AI, GDPR Compliance,... The tools I've worked intensively with include (random): ChatGPT, Miro, Canva, Zoho CRM, WordPress, ClickFunnels, LinkedHelper, SEMRush, Tableau, Microsoft and Google Suites, FreshDesk, Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Trello, Jira, and a lot more
                Design Thinking (MIT Certification) ▾
                  I hold a certification from MIT in Design Thinking for product and service innovation.
                  Blue Ocean Strategy (Practitioner) ▾
                    I've been a practitioner of Blue Ocean for a decade, as a business consultant.
                    Gen AI for Strategy and Marketing ▾
                      I've been an early and heavy user of generative AI. I've designed and run training sessions on how to apply GenAI for being more productive and creative in marketing and business, strategy and operations, and communication. I hold certifications from the Vanderbilt University in both prompt engineering and advanced data analysis with ChatGPT.
                      Gen AI for Creativity & Innovation ▾
                        I've been an early and heavy user of generative AI. I've designed and run training sessions on how to apply GenAI for being more productive and creative in marketing and business, strategy and operations, and communication. I hold certifications from the Vanderbilt University in both prompt engineering and advanced data analysis with ChatGPT.

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                        International Business in Times of Digital & AI

                        Frédéric is an international speaker, having trained under the renowned Andy Harrington as part of his Elite Program. He delivers keynotes in English or French, focusing on topics such as business transformation, international marketing, digital strategies, and the application of AI in business contexts.