Transform communication in your company with
AI-powered pitching

In today’s fast-paced business environment, time is a precious commodity. Yet, countless hours are wasted everyday in long and ineffective meetings.

The common issue : Poor pitching skills that lead to drawn-out presentations and unclear communication. For addressing that specific issue I’ve been partnering with Prof. Bryan Cassady. Those one-day in-house sessions are part of our general program AI for innovation.

Our pitching with AI workshops are designed to tackle the issue of ineffective communication head-on. They equip participants with the skills to deliver concise, effective pitches in just 5 minutes, transforming the way your team communicates and saving valuable time. It is ideal anyone. Participants will learn how to structure their pitches, use AI tools to streamline the process and deliver their ideas in a compelling, concise manner. The result ? More effective communication, better decision-making, and a significant reduction in wasted time.

AI for innovation program