Are you ready to take your business vision to new heights, in new ways ?

No matter if you’re a well established or young enterprise, a clear and ambitious vision for your business is more crucial than ever. Without it, you may face stagnation, directionless growth, or struggle to inspire stakeholders. The good news is that new tools and AI assistance can help you develop an actionable and inspiring business vision. Let’s explore how you can leverage these new ways to elevate your business vision and drive growth.

Creating a purposeful, inspiring, and forward-looking vision requires a combination of analytical and creative thinking, imagination, a robust approach, and multiple perspectives that go beyond the current business and industry. Although the resulting statements may be brief, a robust vision is the outcome of a long journey, that ultimately yields significant benefits. Indeed, a powerful business vision can serve as a critical catalyst for growth and collective onboarding. To elevate the outcome to new heights, the following approach could be a good way forward. Continue reading +

    1. Individual analysis and ideation: begin with individual thinking, where each team member independently analyses current market trends, customer needs, future opportunities, use their own judgement and imagination. This stage involves analytical and creative thinking, focusing on identifying gaps and potential areas for growth.
    2. AI-augmented individual analysis: in that stage each member can leverage generic AI tools, topic-specific ones like the “Stretched Vision AI-Copilot”, or even create their own (for instance via ChatGPTs). Such tools can provide data-driven insights, trend analysis, and predictive scenarios to enhance individual ideation. AI can suggest innovative approaches and challenge existing assumptions, leading to more comprehensive and creative ideas.
    3. Group brainstorming: bring the team together for a group brainstorming session. This collaborative approach allows for the sharing of individual insights and the generation of collective ideas. Encourage open communication and creative thinking to build upon individual contributions.
    4. AI-enhanced group brainstorming: utilise AI tools during group sessions to offer real-time data, trend analysis, and creative prompts. AI can help in identifying patterns and connections that might not be immediately obvious to human thinkers. The “Stretched Vision AI-Copilot” can be particularly useful here to guide the discussion and provide targeted insights.
    5. Connected brainstorming in Miro: instead of the classic sessions with paper, leverage platforms like Miro for connected brainstorming. The visual and interactive nature of Miro, combined with canvases like in the A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System™, provides a structured yet flexible environment for idea generation. AI integration in Miro can augment this process by offering intelligent suggestions, automating the organisation of ideas, and providing visual data analysis.
    6. Reflection and decision-making: after extensive brainstorming, move to a reflection phase where the group reviews all ideas and insights. Combine human judgement with AI analysis to evaluate the feasibility, impact, and innovation of each idea. This stage is crucial for narrowing down to the most potent and transformative visions.
    7. Finalising the stretched vision: conclude by collectively deciding on the stretched vision. This decision should be informed by both the creative and analytical inputs from the team and the AI-driven insights. The final vision should be ambitious yet achievable, aligning with both current capabilities and future aspirations.
    8. Continuous AI integration: even after finalising the vision, continue to use AI topic-specific tools like the “Stretched Vision AI-Copilot” or custom-made ones for ongoing analysis and adaptation. AI can monitor market trends and provide updates, ensuring that the vision remains relevant and forward-looking.

    By interlacing human and artificial intelligence at every step and leveraging the collaborative power of platforms like Miro, with a guiding model and specific canvases like in the A.D.A.P.T. & FLY System™, businesses can develop a stretched vision that is not only innovative and forward-thinking but also grounded in data-driven insights and practical feasibility.