Setting the 2023 digital transfo agenda is tricky… here is an efficient way forward

Last week I detailed a #5C framework for designing business transformation, with marketing and digital in the driving seat.

Before running that Design phase, a first stage in the ADAPT* journey should be about Assessment, for setting the backlog of priorities.

How to define what to prioritise today, tomorrow, later ?

* ADAPT = Adapt / Design / Activate / Propel / Train … see below

If you ask the question internally you might get as many answers as people, and ultimately slow decision-making. What if there were a better way ? Welcome to DxPathfinder performance cockpit.

DxPathfinder cockpit will help effectively and rapidly as follows :
1. answer a set of expert questions via a platform for each functional domain e.g. marketing, sales, customer service, strategy, HR, finance etc.
2. ask your peers to do so
3. the platform will picture consensus & variances as radar charts, in multiple dimensions, for instance lead management, capability, brand, targeting, insights, and execution, in the marketing case
4. based on your/their inputs, the platform will suggest priorities in each functional domain
5. validate the options to pursue with your peers
6. get external support for executing efficiently, in smart agile ways

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Example : the marketing case

Based on your answers to expert questions, Dxpathfinder algorithms will generate those kinds of charts to picture the critical things, and to reflect the consensus among the team for each dimension, as shown below. That will facilitate the decision-making among the team. Further, the platform will suggest prioritised backlogs of corrective measures for now and later. The platform will even show the impact (new radar chart curve) when implementing the first sprint of measures. And so on could you iterate ahead in your transformation journey, as a collaborative agile team, with new performance, consensus metrics, and lists of priorities for each new sprint. Here are some extracts for the marketing case.

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Team consensus analysis
Expert questions : execution example
From visualisations to recommendations