Stretched Vision +

    A stretched vision is about setting bold and far-reaching goals for your business. It’s about dreaming big and outlining a future that’s not just a step forward but a leap. This vision isn’t just a wish; it’s a detailed map that guides your company towards exciting new heights. It’s a promise of what your business aims to become, pushing boundaries and inspiring everyone involved to reach for more.

Why it is a Top Priority +

    A lack of a “Stretched Vision” can lead to several issues within an organization. Without a clear and ambitious long-term goal, businesses may struggle with directionless growth, stagnation, and a failure to inspire stakeholders. This often results in a reactive rather than proactive approach to market changes, leading to missed opportunities and an inability to stay ahead of the competition.

    Complacency: without a stretched vision, companies may become complacent, settling for incremental improvements rather than striving for significant breakthroughs. Misalignment: a vision that is not stretched enough can lead to misalignment between different departments, as each may pursue objectives that do not contribute to a cohesive strategy. Lack of Innovation: a conservative vision can stifle innovation, as there is little incentive to explore new ideas or take risks. Talent Retention: talented employees are often attracted to and retained by companies with a compelling vision for the future. Without it, a company may struggle to keep its best people. Customer Engagement: customers are more likely to engage with brands that have a clear and ambitious vision, as it suggests a commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

    Stunted Growth: a business without a stretched vision may experience stunted growth, as it fails to set and achieve goals that expand its market share or enter new markets. Reduced Competitiveness: in fast-moving industries, the lack of a stretched vision can quickly render a business obsolete as competitors surge ahead with more ambitious plans. Diminished Brand Value: the brand value may diminish if the company is perceived as lacking ambition or direction, affecting customer loyalty and market position. Inefficient Resource Allocation: without a clear vision, resources may be allocated inefficiently, focusing on short-term gains rather than long-term strategic objectives. Risk Aversion: a company may become risk-averse, avoiding the investments in innovation necessary to drive future success.

    AI-powered workshops via Miro, enhanced with over 50 A.D.A.P.T. & FLY ™ canvases, offer a dynamic platform for businesses to shape their future strategies. These sessions utilise AI to provide intelligent prompts and analysis, fostering innovative and critical thinking. Teams can delve into every aspect of their business, ensuring their vision is ambitious and actionable. The benefits are manifold: strategic clarity, team alignment, and accelerated strategy development. This fusion of AI and expert frameworks equips businesses for transformative growth and swift adaptation to market changes.

    1. What audacious goals could we set that would revolutionize our industry?
    2. How might our business change if we were to think 10x instead of 10%?
    3. What would our business look like in a perfect world, and how can we start moving towards that now?
    4. How can we redefine our value proposition to meet the future needs of our customers?
    5. What emerging trends or technologies could we leverage to stretch our current vision?
    6. How can we expand our vision to incorporate sustainability and social impact?
    7. What partnerships or collaborations could help us to stretch our vision further?
    8. How can we challenge our current assumptions to create a more expansive vision?
    9. What barriers do we need to overcome to achieve a stretched vision?
    10. How can we align our team around a stretched vision to ensure collective effort and buy-in?

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