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Turn lagging Samsung into leading TV brand in Germany.

When I took over in 2006 the Samsung TV business, the Korean brand was a weak Nr.5, unpopular in consumers and retailers hearts, unlike Philips, Sony and local stars.

I took the challenge to help accelerate like never before and ultimately break Philips dominance. Massive resistances on all sides made that sound like impossible to all.


Design and lead a 360° fact-based creative programme to onboard all stakeholders in an exciting journey.

My main contribution has been to design and lead a “go to the moon” project. Based on deep analyses, I articulated in all possible details all the gaps and underlying metrics resp. drivers between Samsung and leading brand Philips, in terms of marketing, sales, communications and operations. I designed laser focused plans to tackle all those major gaps. We translated into creative programmes and organizational adjustments, packing all efforts under one hero programme that I named [2:1] (“Korea beats NL”)  in the final match against Philips.

“2:1 Korea beats NL” special programme
(Samsung takes the leadership from Philips)

2006 world cup special growth programme with fact-driven agile plans, huge creativity, inspirational drive on teams & dealers and soccer stars’ wives !


In just 3 years to Nr1 brand from Nr5, to 500M€ from 170M€ annual revenues, with a fast rising brand awareness and conversion rate.