Fleetpulse by Bridgestone

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Develop a digital venture fast, on lean resources.

Bridgestone Europe is rapidly moving from being a provider of products and services to being a major actor in the digital mobility space. In the strategic digital business unit, FleetPulse is one of the early ventures.

I’ve helped on an agile project basis to develop within a year a full digital offering and all assets to interact with early audiences and users. A case of digital transformation in a well established traditional business.


Go agile ways to develop mobile and web app, new workflows, interactions, website, sales collaterals.

With the obsession of users and pains-to-solve in mind, we developed from scratch, on agile sprints, prototypes that we confronted to beta users across Europe. We turned feedbacks into minimal viable propositions. In parallel we worked on sprints to develop a website, helpdesk,  commercial boxes, supply chain & financial workflows, and finally marketing-sales collaterals and campaigns. The offering consists of a mobile and web app together with a commercial box of sensors (IoT)  for dealers. Main users are commercial fleet managers and drivers: it’s about proactive maintenance (full truck, bus or van inspection by drivers) and service bookings. All data are consolidated via the cloud for managers to keep the overview of their fleet. Huge savings are at stake.

Figure | Developing a mobile and web app with IoT component, website, helpdesk and collaterals for launching at a key tradeshow.


Within a year from proof of concept, into minimal viable product, into pre-launch at international IAA fair in Germany.