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Design global go2market plans for a new division of Healthcare IT services.

Agfa Managed Services, a division of the Agfa Healthcare group has been on a mission to prepare the future of healthcare IT services.

Following up on the “where to play in the market”, I worked on the “how to play” as a strategic game across EU and North America.


Turn complex services into Care You Can See ™ packages, market in new engaging ways.

Services revolving around medical devices and hospital IT infrastructures are pretty complex, “invisible”, and customized. To help it scale and prepare the cloud future, we organized workshops in Europe and North America with users, customers and internal teams to collect their hidden voice and to design packaged lines. We made the invisible visible and we reduced the complexity into a short range of tangible products. As a second step we turned into engaging infographics to demonstrate the benefits with hard facts. Third, we engaged with internal audiences to spread across all regions.

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Care You Can See ™ : from custom services to scalable packages.

I also worked on the brand identity and statements, and formalized all go-to-market procedures. Last but not least, we defined all marketing resources and the “machine” needed to get it scale.


After months of “not-in-the-core” resistance, customers and internal teams started pushing the new stories in North America and Europe.